3-Pass Hot Water Boiler

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■ Houses, airports, hotels, greenhouses, factories, ect. ■ Furnace temperature is lower than radiation type boilers. Eco-friendly due to low NOx emission,
■ Provides high capacities and preferred due to the high performance,  
■ Provides rapid hot water due to low water capacities,  ■ Can easily fit in a small areas,
■ Can be cleaned with tap,hard and dirty water ■ Pipes could be changed incase of long term usage,
■ Fully automatic and safe, ■ Provides lower pollutant emmisions,with less than 1,3MW/m³ furnace load,
■ Provides lower nitrogen oxide emission with 3-pass design; The flue gas temperature is at the 185°C level. ■ There is continuous turbulence of the gas inside smoke pipes which provides heat transmission to the boiler water at the highest level,
■ Staircase and platform provides easy and safe acces between floor levels and boiler, ■  Heat loss is prevented by mesh wire rockwool insulation
■ Alumina-doped refractory is resistant to high temperature,durable and insulated ■ Simple to operate and to maintain,
■ Can be used with different types of burners, ■ Remote control panel.

Heat Capacities 80.000-10.000.000kcal/h
Boiler Efficiency %90-95
Max.Operating Pressure  0,3-10bar
Max.Temperature 110°C
Type Cylindrical-Horizontal

Liquid (Diesel-Fuel Oil)

Gas (Nature Gas-LNG-CNG-LPG-Biogaz) 

Design Code

CE marked as per Pressure Equipment Directive
(PED 97/23/AT) 

Design Standart EN 12953
Furnace Plain heat resistant steel sheet in grade HI-HII
Rears Heat resistant steel sheet in grade HI-HII
Shell P235GH-P265GH
Tubes P235GH-St35.8
Flanges P235GH-P265GH

Mesh wire rockwool

Colored electrostatic powder coated carbon
steel sheet

Refractory Resistance to high temperatures (1500 °C),
thermal shock and overload, high impact strenght
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